What profession
best suits you?

Personality test Emiero will reveal it to you. The longer test you do, the more precise an answer you will get.

  • Professions

    Upon completion of the Emiero test we will show you which professions suits you best and which ones you should avoid.

  • Typologies

    Based on your answers we will classify you in one of the 16 personality typologies, together with the detailed description of the typology nature.

  • Personalities

    We will show you which people in the world had or have the same typology as you do.

Over the last year,  120,666  people already found out what work they will be happy at.

I was surprised to see how detailed and accurate the results are. A few of us took the test. We then read each other's results and could confirm they really are accurate.

I work in the field and the result just confirmed that I made the right choice.

The best personality test I have ever taken.

Hardly anybody is happy in their life, if that person has an upsetting and unimpressive job. In order for a man to feel happy they should do activities which best match their personality type, and choose a profession and plan a career accordingly.

In practice we can come across several methods of how to choose personality typology. Emiero methodology is based on the teaching of C. C. Jung, and human resources officers have been using it for more than 30 years to find out if the candidates are the right persons for the performance of certain job.