About us

The aim of the website is to help people entering the job market but also those who are in the process of choosing a school. To help them know themselves and acquire a better picture about what career they should pursue, what professions are suitable for their typology.

The website's objective is to help people who have lost their jobs and have difficulties to find employment due to lack of job opportunities in the positions for which they have practice. By doing the typology identification test the user can find out in what other professions they can feel comfortable and thus extend the chances of finding employment.

All used outputs such as the description of individual typologies and corresponding professions are based on the book titled 'Osobnostní typológie a Typológie osobnosti, volba povolání, kariéra a profesní úspěch' (Personal Typology and Typology of Personality, Choice of Professions, Career and Professional Success) (2010) by Michal Čakrt.

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English translation from the Slovak original by Ján Lindeman (www.translationsprovider.co.uk).