Emiero Test Methodology

For a very long time, people have noticed that they differ from each other, they are diverse. Similarly to the evolution of plant or animal classification systems, the human kind classification system has also evolved which enabled us to foresee reactions of other people and to understand them.

Emiero tests measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make their decisions. These preferences were derived from the typological theories proposed by Carl Gustav Jung published in 1921 in his book titled Psychological types. Jung believed that there were four basic psychic functions through which we experience the world: sentiment, intuition, attitude and thinking. One of these four functions predominates for most of the time.

All the outputs as a description of the typology and related professions are based on Personality Typology and Typology, Career Choice, Career and Professional Success (2010) written by Michal Čakrt.

What profession best suits you?

Emiero personality test will reveal it to you. The longer test you do, the more precise answer you get.

Precise test 60 questions Quick test 20 questions

Once you have completed the test, apart from the list of professions, we will show you which persons in the world had or have the same typology as you do.

Where is this methodology used?

Emiero test is widely used and successful because it gives a precise and illustrative picture about the key characteristics of behaviour which are common for all people. It helps people understand what are their strengths and it explains why they also have their weaknesses.

Emiero test is a tool which facilitates many decisions. It helps people choose their study field, school type, profession, and it helps informatively enter into colleague, friend and partner relations, and to get along with other persons.

Each type has its unique strengths with which he/she is gifted. However, at the same time it has also its blind spots and darker sides one must be aware of.